5 Clever DIY Projects for Bedroom to Break The Boring Atmosphere

What do you think a bedroom should be? Relaxing vibe with minimalist furniture? But sometimes we need to break those statement by doing some DIY projects for bedroom. No need to worry as everyone has different point of view towards a bedroom.

Some may think that simplicity equals to boring and they don’t intend to have one as such. If you are one of those kind of person, let’s do some DIY projects for bedroom.

1. Dresser Makeover

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Take a look at your plain old dresser. Do you want to do a little makeover and make it fresh and beautiful as it used to be? This project needs chalk paint. Here are the step by step you should follow: (1) remove any dirt or residue by wiping them down; (2) Apply the first coat, let dry for at least 30 minutes and apply a second coat. Repeat this step twice and apply wax.

2. Laminate And Veneer Your Furniture

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In this project, you need to do every step very carefully: (1) Remove the hardware and sand them down lightly; (2) Wipe down the piece before applying 2 coats of primer; (3) Let them dry for at least 7 days; (4) sand down the primer, wipe it and apply paint; (5) Apply at least three more coats and let them dry for some more days; (6) Seal them.

3. A Complete Makeover

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If you need a full refreshment, it is not enough to just repaint your dresser. You need more than that, such as change the linen curtains on the windows, add a new touch on your wallpaper, replace a side table with a bookcase to get more storage space for essentials and accessories.

4. DIY Bed

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

If you have an old bed, why don’t you replace with the new one? Changing a bed totally changes the entire look of your bedroom. But don’t tae it literally. Have a new bed does not mean you have to buy the new one. This is what a DIY project comes for. Look for some wooden pallets and build your own bed. Plan a design, stack and paint them. Lastly, secure them together. If you have some palettes left, build a nightstand.

5. DIY Headboard

Source: Pinterest.com

This one also uses reclaimed wood to make a rustic feel. Just stain the wood, cut them into pieces and screw them together. It is super easy. You just need to find the exact size of your headboard.



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