Dressing Up The Room Using DIY Wall Hanging

Home sweet home. A home is the end of the destination after working all day long. It’s a place to gather, tell stories, share experience and to meet the loved one. To make your home feel cozy and look eye-catching we can create home decor. Decorating home is one of important thing in creating such a comfy home.

The indoor decoration is also the most crucial decor that people always think before their outdoor decor. Like sand in the ocean, there are billion ideas you can take to dress up each room in your home. This idea comes up when I stare such an adorable wall hanging in my friend’s home. So, I make other wall hanging that can DIY. Making DIY wall hanging using many items around you. So, today, I would provide some DIY wall hanging that will dress up your room in a minute. Let’s check this out!

1. DIY Hanging Macrame

Source: pinterest.com.au

A macrame wall hanging looks so nice when it is hung up on the wall in your entryway. The gold ring with a pretty rope will be a good decorative wall hanging you can install in any room.

2. DIY Feather Wall Hanging

Source: decoratoo.com

All you need to make this wall hanging is leather, feather and wooden stick. Tie the feather up with the leather at varying height. Then tie them up in the wooden stick and the last hang it on the wall using the leather. This decorative wall hanging can be stored in your bedroom, living room or hallway.

3. DIY Simple Wall Hanging

Source: hu.pinterest.com

Using a yarn with a simple design can create such an intriguing wall hanging decoration. When you look for something simple, practice and easy to make this wall hanging can be a good choice. The colour of this wall hanging gives an elegant look, though it made of only from yarn.

4. DIY Hanging Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

Can mason jar be a wall hanging? Absolutely, yes! Create your DIY wall hanging uses mason jar that filled water and add greenery season on it so you will get a fresh look. Mix and match the plants you use to be placed in the mason jar to get an adorable look. Meanwhile, tie them up with rope in the branch then hang this hanging mason jar on the wall.

5. DIY Vines Wall Hanging

Source: coking.info

How about this wall hanging decor? Vines could be a wall decor if you can place them well on your wall. Make the hexagon rope to let them spread out on the wall and it’ll look fascinating for your wall.

6. DIY Hanging Photos

Source: homeyohmy.com

Take your photo collection in your drawer then use it for making a wall hanging. This wall hanging just as simple as that. All you need is an iron ring, yarn, and photos. Organize the photo in a vertical line and you can add an accessory made of yarn in the bottom of this wall hanging.

7. DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Source: hub.moderaneedham.com

Sweet, adorable and easy to make. Make the pom pom first using yarn at varying light and fun colours. After that, tie them up with rope or you can also use yarn then wrapped around the wooden stick (in any various height). The last, hang this decorative wall hanging in your room.

8. DIY Mirror Macrame Wall Decor

Source: pinterest.cl

Installing a mirror in a room can make your room feel bigger. The mirror could also be such a pretty wall hanging. To get a pretty look to combine a macrame in the mirror. You can DIY the macrame based on your style and taste. Pair with pom pom will make this wall hanging more attractive.

9. DIY Succulent Wall Hanging

Source: abeautifulmess.com

If you want to add greenery season in your hallway or entryway, there are many plants you can pick. One of them is succulent. A unique style from this wall hanging is the succulent that put in the half globe. Store them in the wall at varying height.

10. DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

Source: relaxmarmaris.com

This fabric wall hanging works well in any home design. Choose this decoration as a wall hanging to array your bedroom. It will not make your room feel crowded, on the other hand, it’ll give such a nice scheme to your bedroom.

Which one of these DIY wall hanging that makes you fall in love? Any wall hanging decor you choose, it would dress up your room well. Try it at home!

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones

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