20 Ideas to Inviting Modern Theme With Modern Chic Decor

To make a charming home some people spend a lot of money to buy home decor. In this era, there many stores that sell kinds of home decor. Inviting a modern style to your home is not easy yet not hard too. You should concern with some decoration that suitable with your home design. To start, let’s explore more details information below!

1. Coffee Table with A lot of Storage

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Get a lot of storage from this coffee table. This table is multifunction which can keep your things like a magazine, entertainment things, photo albums, and books. Mix the table in different colours, you can incorporate and match depends on your wish.

2. Curtain

Source: rusbun.info

Another way to get a modern look is using. You can choose any colours that fit with the room. You can buy ay kind of curtain, whether in a plain or pattern curtain.

3. Moveable Coffee Table

Source: bhanwarlaljidesigns.com

Besides to put a coffee table in the living room, you can also place a moveable table. Set in the centre of the living room and complete with a gorgeous flower on the table.

4. Charm Bedroom Decoration

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Bedroom is a private place people have. It’s very crucial to make your bedroom the most comfortable place in your home. Installing the mosaic bed frame, fresh planters, hanging lamp and pattern rug. Completing the room with any kind of decoration like a wall hanging art, a clock or mirror.

5. Historical Hanging Lamp

Source: dsgndcr.com

Though you create a modern theme in your home, you will not regret to put with this old hanging lamp. They will be such a great combination.

6. Icosahedron Decoration

Source: hoommy.com

Think about accessories and decoration in your home is fun. You can have many choices to decorate your home. This Icosahedron table decor is very charming. The unique shape, colours, and look are eye-catching. You can store it in place you desire, but usually people put it in the living room.

7. Plate Rack

Source: wik.eu.com

Fed-up on kitchen decoration and want to renew it. Another way to look modern but don’t want to take a lot of space in the kitchen space is by installing a plate rack to change your kitchen cabinet. If you select a rack, it shows off your kitchen, like plates, glasses, or bowl. But, it’s still looking good and stylish.

8. Bricks Wall in Kitchen

Source: pinterest.es

Brick in not outdated. This kitchen looks cool in bricks wall. You may make a brick wall, all the wall or just a kitchen. Complete with large windows to get sunlight.

9. Sleek and Clean Kitchen

Source: pinterest.ru

In order to get a sleek kitchen, you can choose marble or granite for the countertops. Fortunately, you will not spend a lot of money if you choose marble as the countertops. Another benefits from marble are affordable, durable, longevity, and heat resistance.

10. Floral Tile

Source: pinterest.ru

This bathroom uses floral tile pattern with stylish mosaic. Marble tile or a mosaic look, natural decoration with colour accents and plants, transform the bathroom into a more livable place.

11. Twins

Source: illicitlistening.com

Installing double sinks and long mirrors in the bathroom. Using dark blue wooden vanity and white sink. This vanity is multifunction, you can keep your need under the sink and also it completed double storage.

12. Clip Board Decoration

Source: pinterest.co.kr

Decorating a workplace can be amusing. You can put your favourite collection or decoration. This idea could be really good for you. Using the clipboard to stick on your schedule, photos, reminder or design concept. To look neatly, you don’t need hook and nail to stick the clipboard on the wall. Use glue that is easy to clean.

13. Orange Workplace

Source: in.pinterest.com

Adopting an orange tone in a room always looks good. It stimulates you in enthusiasm, joyful, happiness and creativity. It’s such a perfect idea to take this colour in your workplace. Besides, the room will look joy, sunshine and tropic. You might make an orange wooden table. Complete the decoration with flowers that has the same tones.

14. Beautiful Flower for The Living Room

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Looking fresh in every space at your home. Tons of flowers you can choose. I really adore tulips. It’s the most popular flowers that are perfect for bright and memorable table decoration. Tulips can create drama and festive atmosphere.

15. Home Library

Source: vogue.com

Library is one of the most interesting places at home. Bookcases or wall shelves is the key to make a library at home. A comfortable reading seat and a bench or a built-in reading nook are an all good idea. Besides, the colours for the library is cool pastel. Expressly, it tends to look unseasoned for a home library. Yet, you can use other colours, like grey, brown, or dark colours.

16. Wall Decor from The Old Books

Source: pinterest.de

Using old books as wall decor. Take books that still good in appearance. To get more incredible wall art, you may paint some shape, pattern, human, animal, or plants in the books. Then arrange the piece of a picture into one. Surely, it’ll very marvellous.

17. Open Porch Decor

Source: kresswellinteriors.com

To charm your home you can add an open porch. This porch is airy, looks like sunroom which is are ideal for people who are looking to enjoy the outdoors view. Complete with many hanging bulbs to lighten up the porch.

18. Fireplace

Source: uiutvdome.com

Get inspired by this gorgeous, modern fireplace to make your home stunning. Whether you already have or just want to build you can discover the joy of a good old-fashioned fire with the best modern fireplace design idea. Traverse luxury built-in pieces for your home interior.

19. Lamps

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Lighting is a crucial thing in every single room. Light-room can also be a decoration due to its beautiful design. Thus, in choosing a lamp, you could take consideration on the design, size, and shape. There are many styles and design lighting you can find. Buy at the store or you can DIY. To get modern touch, use modern pendant lamp, under-cabinet LED strips or shelf lighting.

20. Marble Table for The Living Room

Source: materialicious.com

Usually, people use marble to make countertop to their kitchen, tile flooring, wall tiles or bathroom sink. Make your living room looks different with marble table. It’s elegant but won’t break your bank. Besides, it’s durable and heats resistance. To beautify the table you can add some decoration table, or get a natural touch with planters.

Have you already taken some plans to decorate your home? Create your home as gorgeous as you dream!

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